Dr.Sukhada Abhiram

Consultant Psychiatrist

In the present scenario there are so many factors which are impacting not only our physical health but even more our mental health. At times, it gets to the point where seeking help from one of the best psychiatrist becomes necessary. To know more about Ekattvam read the small write up below.

We have a big family within us including Intelligence, Memory, Goal, Judgement , Emotions and more. Emotion is the child in the family. The most active and mischievous amongst all and yet the most loved and cared about. Since Emotion is the most pampered one it seldom causes a lot of trouble too. But just because its difficult to handle we cannot leave or ignore it since it is a part of the family.

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To manage the difficulties and ups and downs of the family we have the most eldest and the most sorted grandfather and that is Rationality. He explains well how to manage and deal with difficult circumstances.

And yes to introduce you to this grandfather and get you to learn from his wisdom as well as to befriend your emotions we here in Ekattvam are there to help you.